NRRA Thanks Volunteer Madeleine DiIonno

NRRA would like to thank Madeleine DiIonno for her valuable volunteer service to NRRA.  Over the past year, Madeleine assisted NRRA as a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire Carsey School of Public Policy.  She volunteered her time to assist NRRA with its glass recycling work, and in particular, its processed glass aggregate program.  Thanks to Madeleine's efforts, NRRA was able to provide a number of valuable resources to its members related to NRRA's processed glass aggregate program, including the following: 

  • PGA Specifications and Approved Uses by State in New England: A document summarizing the gradation and contamination requirements, as well as the approves uses, for processed glass aggregate for the environmental protection agency and the transportation agency for each of the New England states.  Preparing this document involved considerable research and consultation with various state agencies. 

  • Processed Glass Aggregate Survey Report: Madeleine designed a survey to collect examples of PGA use in the Northeast and then prepared a report summarizing the results.  Bedding material for pipes, walls or foundations was the most common application of PGA among survey respondents. 

  • Using Processed Aggregate in Road and Infrastructure Projects:  In this webinar, NRRA Executive Director Reagan Bissonnette and Madeleine shared the results of the above two documents to teach attendees about NRRA’s experience producing PGA, the differing state regulations governing PGA production and use in New England, and specific examples of how PGA has been used successfully in municipal and other projects.  

In addition, Madeleine provided support for two upcoming glass recycling projects: (1) a film about processed glass aggregate, and (2) an ArcGIS StoryMap about NRRA's two glass recycling programs.  

NRRA is proud to support the work of graduate students, and thanks to volunteers like Madeleine DiIonno, NRRA is able to fulfill its mission of "partnering to make recycling strong through economic and environmentally sound solutions."