NH Company Reaches out to NRRA for Recycling Education

A NH-based company recently reached out to NRRA looking for ways to reduce their production carbon footprint and make better choices in packaging.  Headquartered in Peterborough, NH, SoClean was originally known for its sleep equipment maintenance device and now sells indoor air purifiers and device disinfectors. 

NRRA's Education Manager, Heather Herring, virtually presented to members of the SoClean team including distribution center, operations, and marketing staff.  She reviewed where NH garbage goes, the current recycling markets, and the basics of extended producer responsibility.  Then she fielded questions on how to better manage their resources, disposal options, recycling and how SoClean may consider product design and product end of life.  Recycling with results is easy once a new standard operating procedure is set in place.

NRRA staff also enjoy directing people to our website, which has a lot to offer for both our municipal members as well as commercial businesses and the public.  Our information sheets are a good place to start!  We also love connecting schools and businesses with their local recycling facility operators for potential partnerships.  If you're interested in a presentation by our education staff, please contact Heather Herring, Education Manager.