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Somersworth, NH – On Sept. 24, Maple Wood Elementary School third-graders conducted a school waste audit known as Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD). Educators Gwen Erley and Julia Kummerfeldt from NRRA’s School Recycling Club, trained 125 students how to identify and pull recyclables from school trash collected the prior day. In addition, another 247 students from the fourth and fifth grades walked by in ten-minute intervals to review the progress at the start of the event and the end of the event.

Each group of third grade students was given several bags of trash which were weighed, sorted into bins, then weighed again. When sorting was completed the students had a visual and quantifiable record of how much of their “trash” could have been diverted from the landfill. While the school has a successful food waste and recycling program, the students still saw opportunities to improve their efforts,...Read more


Bethlehem, NH - As part of their USDA YIMBY! Yes In My Backyard! Grant, NRRA presented a grant-funded Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD) at Copper Cannon Camp.

On August 6, NRRA Educators Cindy Sterling and Julia Le May assisted the campers at Copper Cannon Camp with a waste audit. Bags of typical camp trash were emptied onto the tarp while campers pulled out items that could have been recycled. Items were separated into different categories: food waste, plastic, aluminum, paper/cardboard and, of course, trash. Bags were weighed before and after the sort to produce a table of potential savings that could be realized by improved recycling.

Approximately 45 campers and counselors participated in this fun and educational activity. The groups were enthusiastic and had lots of questions.

Although this process, at a glance, may be stinky and messy, it’s a valuable experience for children to physically...Read more