Towns Recycling Right

Towns Recycling Right: Nothing is better than seeing and celebrating other towns that are already doing things that work well when it comes to recycling. Boosting town "wins" better encourages residents to take action - or increase their positive actions - over time.

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Congratulations Town of Lancaster with photo of factory steam stack next to photo of heavily trafficked highway
Congratulations to the Town of Lancaster NH! Through consistent recycling in 2021, their efforts meant that 417 TONS of carbon dioxide emissions were avoided from being released into the atmosphere.
What does that look like? Well, it would be like removing nearly 100 passenger cars from the
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Congratulations Town of Walpole with pictures of glass bottles in various shade of green
In 2021, Walpole residents sent in their rinsed, clean glass to be recycled - over 45 TONS of it, to be exact! That glass was then sent to a vendor in Canada who processes the glass into fiberglass insulation, giving this
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Congratulations Town of Tuftonboro with image of toy car on a map surrounded by thumb tacks


Residents of Tuftonboro, NH recycled 5.2 TONS of scrap metal in 2021!

By recycling instead of trashing, they conserved enough energy to power a car 57,233 miles. That's like driving across the United States of 19 times! WOW!!

Every small action adds up to something big. It took each resident committing to recycling to achieve this fantastic #RecyclingWin As more residents recycle, even more energy isRead more

Congratulations City of Keene text with image of car driving down a road

♻️ CONGRATULATIONS to the City of Keene, NH and the City of Keene Public Works Department! ♻️
By taking the time to recycle OVER 300 TONS of scrap metal (instead of trashing it) the town conserved enough energy to drive a car more than 3.42 MILLION MILES!
How? Because it takes more resources and energy to process and manufacture new metals, opposed to using recycled materials that do not need to be mined and processed.

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Congratulations City of Lebanon text with image of food scraps

♻️ CONGRATULATIONS to Lebanon, New Hampshire! ♻️ 

We LOVE it when a community that's already doing a great job recycling strives to do even better! Last year, the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility started a new Food Scrap Drop-off program. 175 households piloted the program and helped keep 39 TONS of food scraps out of the landfill!

The EPA estimates that more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material in our everydayRead more