Recycling Education

Recycling Education: Why is source separated recycling beneficial? How do I recycle old books? Is my recycling REALLY being recycled?! In Recycling Education, we focus on the "why" behind recycling so residents have a better understanding about why their actions (or inaction) makes a difference, and the "how" of recycling unique or hazardous items.

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How do I Recycle Books? with two photos of colorful books on a shelf and table

We get it, there's nothing like a new book - the way the spine creaks when it's first opened, the crisp pages, the "new book smell" - they are a delight! But sometimes books have been loved to pieces or are no longer wanted for a variety of reasons. What then?
Here are some ways to recycle books, to keep them out of the landfill or incinerator:
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How do I Recycle my Microwave? with image of two old microwaves


Good news! Microwaves can be recycled with your electronics OR your scrap metal. Be sure to ask your recycling center operator to see if your center has a preference.

If you choose to put your microwaves with your scrap metal, CAPACITORS MUST BE REMOVED. According to NRRA's metal vendor, in addition to environmental concerns, capacitors can store energy and are fire hazards in scrap piles and dumpsters. If you choose toRead more