Your Operators Want to Help - JUST ASK!

Text: Your transfer station workers want to help you.  JUST ASK!  Photo:  A man in a hard hat with looking at the camera.
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Did you know that all solid waste facility operators (also sometimes known as transfer station operators) in New Hampshire must be certified through the NH Department of Environmental Services? This means that beyond initial training, operators also complete annual continuing professional development.

Operators understand the recycling market - they know what's moving quickly and what's not selling as fast when it comes to recyclables.

They are managing the solid waste, ensuring the solid waste facility and attendants stay safe as solid waste passes through to landfills, incinerators, and waste-to-energy facilities.

Operators provide an essential service year-round. Things turn ugly - and fast - when solid waste starts piling up.

And yet managing people’s trash and recycling is only a small part of what solid waste operators do every day!

They cultivate the social gathering spot that is your local transfer station. They prioritize the environment through responsible and sustainable recycling and reuse (which is less glamorous than purchasing the latest eco-friendly product). They help residents who need assistance with the disposal of their trash and recycling. They work in all kinds of weather throughout the year. They are doing incredible work, every day, to support our communities.

In short, your Solid Waste or Transfer Station Operators are the most up-to-date resources for your recycling and solid waste questions, but more they deserve a LOT of thanks and appreciation for all they do and know.

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