Wish-Cycling is just Trash with Good Thoughts

Text:  Wish-cycling is just trash with good thoughts.  Photo:  A water bottle and Styrofoam washed up on a beach.
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We've said it time and again - just because something has this symbol "♻️" - known as chasing arrows - on it, DOES NOT mean the item is recyclable! When you throw something in the recycling bin it DOES NOT MAGICALLY BECOME RECYCLABLE! Instead, you have thrown trash into a recycling bin - contaminating actual recyclable materials. This is called "wish-cycling" and it's w for recycling.

"Wish-cycling is putting something in the recycling bin and hoping it will be recycled, even if you have no evidence to confirm this assumption.

Hope is central to wish-cycling. People may not be sure the system works, but they choose to believe that if they recycle an object, it will become a new product rather than being buried in a landfill, burned, or dumped." (Perspective by Jessica Heiges and Kate O'Neill, link below)
Items you wish-cycle can contaminate a load of recyclables or get stuck, tangled, or wrapped in the recycling processing machinery. This can cause expensive - and potentially dangerous - shutdowns in the recycling process.

1. ASK your transfer station operator whether or not an item is recyclable
2. When in doubt, throw it out!

Find out more about wish-cycling: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/what-is-wishcycling/2022/01/21/82fe0486-792d-11ec-bf97-6eac6f77fba2_story.html

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