What is Being Recycled that Should be TOSSED?

What is Being Recycled that Should be TOSSED? with image of a recycling bin and trash bin
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You are now more than 2 months into your Recycling Habit and we hope it's going well!

✅ You're recycling at least two types of recyclables
✅ You're driving through the recycling line at the transfer station each week
✅ You're pausing before you toss something to ask yourself if it should be recycled instead.

BUT you also need to CHECK YOURSELF so you aren't tossing something in the recycling bin that really should go into the trash. Remember, just because you see chasing arrows and a number on the bottom of your container, does NOT mean it can be processed at your recycling facility (plastic clamshell containers are a common example).

Trash thrown into recycling bins doesn't get recycled - it just contaminates good recycling loads so it ALL ends up in the landfill or incinerator. Yikes!

So, ONLY toss things in the recycling bin that can be processed at your recycling facility - and if you don't know, just ask!

BONUS: Often times, you can look up your town's recycling center on the internet to find a list of things your transfer station does and does not take.

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