Step 1: Time to Start Your Recycling Habit!

Step 1: Find our there to recycle in town, with image of man talking on 70s style phone
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♻️ RECYCLING BASICS: Time to Start your Recycling Habit! ♻️

Sure, you've seen recycling containers when you're out and about, and maybe you've tossed your single-use bottle in one, but when it comes to recycling at home, you haven't taken the leap. Maybe you think it's too hard, takes too much time, is too confusing.

Well fear not! Over the course of the Recycle Right campaign, we will be breaking down a recycling habit into small, actionable steps.

STEP 1: Find out WHERE to recycle in town! Your town may have source-separated recycling where you bring your recyclables to the transfer station and you separate them there. Your town may have single-stream curbside recycling, where you leave your recyclables in one container outside your home. Or, you may have a combination of both.

But to find out the details, head to your town's website or call your town hall. On your town website, look for a Public Works section - this is where you will most often find information about how your town recycles.

BONUS STEP: If your town has source-separated recycling at your local transfer station, take a trip out to check it out, even if you have nothing to recycle at the moment. Getting a feel for the transfer station will help you feel more comfortable when you bring your first recycling load.

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