Plastics Recycling: A Quick Guide to Recycling Numbers

Image of blue plastic bottles and text, "Plastics Recycling: A Quick Guide to ♻️ Numbers"
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We get it - those recycling numbers on the bottom of plastic items can be confusing. Here is a quick, GENERAL guide to plastics recycling:

- YES, RECYCLE! #1 and #2 plastics such as soda and water bottles, milk and juice jugs, shampoo and cleaning bottles.

- NO, TOSS IT. #3, #6, and #7 plastics such as plastic wrap and food trays, cooking oil containers, vending cups, vinyl and styrofoam products.

- MAYBE, ASK: #4 and #5 plastics such as yogurt containers, shopping and dry cleaning bags.
For more information about plastic recycling and plastic recycling codes:

1. When in doubt, throw it out - better than contaminating a recycling load!
2. If it's a #1 but NOT a bottle or jug, ASK before you recycle (those sneaky clamshell food containers are often NOT recyclable, even though they are a #1.)
3. Decreasing the amount of single-use plastic you use will always be better than recycling plastic. FIRST reduce/refuse, THEN reuse, FINAL option is to recycle.

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