Place a Reminder Near Your Trash Can

Place a Reminder Near Your Trash Can, with image of trash can with blue bag and sticky note reading "recycle" on nearby cabinet
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✅ ✅ ✅ YOUR RECYCLING HABIT: Reminders are your Friend!

Your habit right now may not include recycling - or it may be to recycle some things, but not everything. Changing your habits to include recycling can take time - AND REMINDERS - because when you’re operating on autopilot you probably will forget!

There’s an easy fix: POST A REMINDER anywhere you have a garbage can! It can be a simple “Recycle!” post-it note, or a larger “can it be recycled?” sign. Anything to make you pause before your item hits the trash.

Pro-tip: CHANGE your reminder note weekly, so your brain doesn’t start ignoring it and keeping the reminder fresh.

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