Level Up: Recycle EVERYTHING You Can!

Recycle ALL Materials Accepted at your Local Transfer Station, with image of woman recycling
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It's time to make a commitment: If something CAN BE recycled at your transfer station or recycling center, then YOU WILL recycle it CONSISTENTLY!

Source- Separated: Plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans - be sure to check out what your center takes (especially when it comes to plastic), whether caps should be left on or off, and then go from there. Make sure your items are clean (rinsed) and dry. Cardboard should be broken down. And then it's just a weekly (or biweekly) trip.

Single-Stream: Everything above applies, you just need to remember to put out your bin for pick-up!

Every time you recycle, you are diverting waste from the limited landfills or the incinerator, you are decreasing CO2 attributed to creating raw material from virgin (non-recycled) sources, and you are helping your town earn revenue from the sale of recyclables.

Whether you recycle for environmental reasons, economic reasons, or both, recycling consistently is key!

What is the hardest part of recycling for you?

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