How to Properly Recycle Plastic Bags and Film

"How to Properly Recycle Plastic Bags and Film" with green empty plastic bag on a light blue background
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✅ BRING THOSE PLASTIC BAGS & FILM BACK TO THE SUPERMARKET! That single use plastic IS recyclable and processable, BUT it has to be sent to the right place. Read on for the details...

(YAY!) Good News: Plastic bags and film (eg. anything stretchy like bread bags, ziplock bags, and other stretchy plastic film) ARE RECYCLABLE!

(BOO!) Bad News: Generally, you CANNOT toss them in with your plastic recycling or your single-stream recycling bin.

(YAY!) Good News: Lots of places will take your film! Check your local supermarket, grocery store, or big box store like Target or Walmart. The collection bins are usually located near the entryway door. If you don't see one, JUST ASK! They may be willing to put a collection bin in your local store if there isn't one there yet.

(BOO!) Bad News: When not recycled correctly, plastic bags and film can wreak havoc on processing equipment, getting wrapped and tangled. This can cause processing to stop, which costs money, and can be VERY dangerous for recycling center workers to clear.

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