How to Handle Pool Chemicals

Text : "Safely store, handle, and recycle your pool chemicals" with image of 3 adults and 1 child in pool with floaties
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Did you know that improperly disposed of pool chemicals are increasingly causing fires at transfer stations in the summer? Pool chemicals do not belong in household trash. They should be saved for proper disposal at your local household hazardous waste day. Please help your local solid waste operators stay safe this summer!

"When storing pool chemicals, it is extremely important to keep them dry and not allow them to get too hot. Moisture and heat are both elements that can trigger bad reactions, such as fires and toxic fumes. Place pool chemicals on a shelf away from windows, doors or anywhere else they could get wet. Make sure you close the containers securely, and replace cracked or broken containers as soon as you spot them. Do not store them in an area that gets extremely warm. It is never a good idea to mix chemicals together, even if they are same type. Even though the different types of substances end up mixing in the pool, putting the concentrated versions together can cause fires. If you have a partially empty container of a pool chemical, do not add it to a new container; that can also lead to problems. Make sure you know what to do if pool chemicals get in your skin or your eyes. Consider posting that information near the chemicals if people unfamiliar with pool chemicals might handle them. Also, if your pool chemicals do cause a fire, do not try to extinguish it yourself. Chlorine fires in particular are tough to put out and can react with the chemicals in fire extinguishers. Call the fire department immediately and await instructions."


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