How do I Recycle: Toner or Inkjet Cartridges?

How to Recycle Toner or Inkjet Cartridges?  with two photos of colorful inkjet cartridges on a table
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♻️ STOP! YOU CAN RECYCLE THAT: Toner & Inkjet Cartridges♻️

Properly recycling toner and inkjet cartridges can allow for a much longer life of these plastics! Many companies are able to clean, refill, and resell cartridges time and again, keeping these plastics out of the landfill.
Recycling your toner or inkjet cartridge is easy, but takes just one more step. Here's how!

✅ INDIVIDUALS: You have options! Bring your empty cartridges along with you the next time you go to a big box store like Staples, Target, Walmart, or Cosco and drop them in the collection container near the door (or you can ask at the help desk). You can also get money back for your recycled cartridges through the Staples Rewards Program (which is free!)

✅ COMPANIES: Use your economy of scale to your benefit! You can sign up with Evolve Recycling and receive cash-back for your cartridges:

✅ HP & Samsung Cartridge Users: You can have a free, prepaid envelope (or whole shipping pallet!) sent to you to collect your used cartridges! How easy is that?!

So the next time you run out of ink, don't just toss that cartridge - stop for a moment and ask yourself, "Is this recyclable" (spoiler alert: the answer is YES) and then make that little change that leads to an overall big difference!

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