How do I Recycle: Oil or Antifreeze?

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Waste oil and Antifreeze are toxic, caustic, and are considered household hazardous waste - the should NOT be burned, dumped, or thrown into your household trash.

Antifreeze (also known as coolant or radiator fluid) is toxic and can be especially dangerous because its sweet smell and taste can attract pets, who can quickly become fatally poisoned if they ingest any of the liquid.

♻ The easiest way to recycle waste oil or antifreeze is to contact your transfer station - many have a drop-off location on site. You can also contact a local auto mechanic or auto service station - they have proper disposal procedures already in place and may be willing to take your waste oil or antifreeze. Finally, you can bring used oil or antifreeze to your town's hazardous waste event (which typically happen 1-2 times a year).

NRRA provides options for towns and communities to safely dispose of residents' waste oil and antifreeze:

You may find this additional information on antifreeze disposal helpful, especially Point 4 - how to clean up after a spill:

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