Have Curbside Trash Pickup? Ask About Recycling Pick-up!

If you have curbside trash pick-up, ask about recycling pick-up with image of trash and recycling cans around a tree
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Do you have curbside trash pick-up? Well, you may also have curbside recycling pick-up!

Perhaps your town offers single stream recycling where all of your recycling can be placed in the same bin and put out to the curb on the same day as your regular trash. Then it's as easy as requesting a recycling bin from your town offices or website.

However, if you use a third-party trash pick-up in a town where trash and recycling are brought to a transfer station for source-separated recycling, you may still be in luck! Some communities have third-party recyclers who will make your life easier by picking up your recycling curbside and separating it for you at the transfer station. Check with your current third-party trash hauler for more information or local recommendations!

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