Always Drive through the Recycling Lane

Always Drive through the Recycling Lane at the Transfer Station, with image of a sign reading "Recycling Collection Center"
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If you bring your trash to a transfer station, you probably also have recycling at that same location. For some transfer stations or recycling facilities, you can take one route around the recycling - completely bypassing the recycling bays or hoppers/bins - or you can take a route that passes right by the recycling stations.


Even if you didn't bring any recycling with you, creating the driving habit that brings you TO the recycling (rather than around it) will pay off in the end. Why?

- First, it's a mental reminder every time to bring your recycling when you come back the following visit.

- Second, by repeatedly observing how recycling happens in your town, you will be more comfortable recycling your own items in the future. You may notice how the cardboard is always flattened, or how the glass is stored separately.

Remember, you don't have to be inconsistently perfect, just consistently imperfect, doing what you can to reduce the amount of waste (trash) you're sending to the landfill or incinerator.

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