Add Plastics to your Recycling Habit

Add Plastics to your Recycling Habit
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For two months you've worked on your recycling habit when it comes to cardboard, paper, glass, and aluminum cans. Today is the day you've been waiting for - it's time to ADD PLASTIC RECYCLING!

Plastic recycling can be a bit more confusing simply because there are so many different kinds and not all recycling centers or transfer stations take the same kinds. You may remember we talked about the "chasing arrows" symbol (this one: ♻️) as being a CLUE as to whether or not something is recyclable, it DOES NOT mean it automatically is recyclable.

♻️ You can learn more about chasing arrows here:

When you begin recycling plastic, it's a good idea to first double-check with your transfer station or recycling center - either in person, or online if they have that information available. You want to know what NUMBERS they recycle and what CONTAINERS they recycle.

For example, many transfer stations will recycle #1 plastic drink bottles, but NOT #1 plastic clamshells (those plastic containers takeaway food comes in sometimes). The only way to know for sure is to ASK.

So this week, as you add in plastic recycling, you will need to:
(1) Update your recycling setup in your home to accommodate another material
(2) Check with your local recycling facility to find out what types of plastic they accept
(3) Start saving your clean and dry plastic bottles, jars, and jugs.

Then let us know how it goes! What all are you recycling? What more do you want to learn about?

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