Vendor of the Month - Trigon Plastics

NRRA offers a #1-7 baled plastics program for our members, which accounts for 25% of all plastics marketed for NRRA members in 2019. NRRA’s Vendor, Trigon Plastics in Newmanstown, PA, processes 90% of the #1-7 plastics on the East Coast making Trigon the largest buyer of #1-7 plastics in US!

What happens to the plastics once sorted at the plant? 

• #1 PET (water bottle) is sold to manufacturers of carpet and clothing

• #2 HDPE Natural (milk jug) is pelletized and made into plastic lumber at Trigon and sold to Casual Living to be made into high end plastic furniture.

• #2 HDPE Mixed Color (laundry detergent bottle) is made into black drainage pipes, garbage container wheels, etc. 

• #3-7 (which are mainly #5s and 7s) go to companies in Canada where they capture the #5 polypropylene and some of the 7s.

Here is a helpful hint from Trigon: If it takes a lid (a butter container) or a cap (a shampoo bottle) then it is recyclable through Trigon. Speaking of caps:

• Trigon has a 2-inch screen and anything that falls through that screen is not recycled.

• Removing caps encourages residents to rinse items and not leave residual liquid or product in the container.  

We appreciate working with Trigon Plastics to provide a convenient plastics market for our members and their residents.