Vendor of the Month: Crushing It with Ivar since 2008

It all started on a summer afternoon in 2008 when Ivar Martin was crushing rocks for the town of Goffstown, NH. He was watching the glass crusher that NRRA hired and said, "I can build a better mousetrap (glass crusher)". Ivar did and has been NRRA's glass crusher ever since that time for our Processed Glass Aggregate (PGA) program!
Glass collected through community recycling programs includes clear, green, and brown food or beverage containers. Glass used to be separated by color, but the market price for recycled glass as cullet continues to decrease. The weight of glass makes it costly to move to a facility to recycle for some communities. Instead, state environmental protection and transportation departments encourage recycled glass to be used locally as a replacement for gravel, crushed gravel, or crushed stone. NRRA’s PGA program outlines the requirements for the acceptable use of PGA as backfill material, drainage, subbase layers, and roadway applications. Once a community is ready for a glass crush, that is when NRRA connects with Ivar.
Ivar moves his mobile crusher and skid steer from one NRRA PGA site to another as 1,000 tons of material is stockpiled. He moves his grinder to sites including: Littleton, NH, Waste Management - Rochester,  New London, NH (and one of his favorites for the lovely beaches) Dennis, MA on the Cape. The glass is screened to each state's specifications, which vary (from 3/8 of an inch to an inch) to be used for local applications. 
NRRA is here to take the weight off of your mind. Contact us today about becoming a glass host site and use your glass locally!
 Ivar Martin (right) at a glass crush