Strafford Recycling Roundtable: Sharing data and finding recycling partners

Heather Herring, Education Manager of NRRA, joined the Strafford Regional Planning Commission meeting to  discuss current issues with recycling, solid waste, and composting with their members in New Hampshire.  SRPC's focus for this meeting was on finding ways communities could band together to share resources, define what regional recycling/composting looks like, increase the revenue for recycling, and avoid hauling costs if necessary. SRPC has 18 member municipalities in Southeastern New Hampshire and other invited guests included Mark Richardson, SRPC Commissioner and retired Transfer Station Manager from Hampton, NH, and Jen Czysz, from Mr. Fox Composting in Maine.

The following topics were discussed:  Composting set-up in NH; single stream recycling issues, contamination, the human behavior component of recycling, education, and recycling budgets.