Sign of Spring: Road Weight Limits - What You Need to Know

March 14, 2024

Some people see signs of spring in the return of robins or the tubing and buckets gathering rising maple sap. Others, like us at NRRA, look for the telltale signs that pop up on roads across New Hampshire as the weather warms: Load Limits! 

But did you know, if your facility is on a road that has a spring road ban - imposed weight limitations to reduce wear and tear on roadways as the ground begins to thaw - you will need to have an exemption letter for waste haulers. 

If a truck driver sees that a road is posted, they will not be able to service your location until it is unposted unless they have an exemption letter. 

If you manage your recycling through NRRA, including things like tires or C&D, you can send your exemption letter(s) to NRRA and we will share it when setting up your pick-ups. If you would like to create one letter to cover all waste haulers to your facility, that is acceptable. Letters can be emailed to:

Questions? Reach out to NRRA Member Services at 603-736-4401.