NRRA Submits Input to EPA on Recycling Grants and Programs Being Developed

August 2, 2022

The federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides an unprecedented $375 million in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop three new waste prevention, reuse, and recycling programs: (1) Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling Grant Program; (2) Recycling Education and Outreach Grant Program, Model Recycling Program Toolkit and School Curriculum; and (3) Battery Collection Best Practices and Voluntary Battery Labeling Guidelines.  NRRA submitted feedback to the EPA during a public comment period to inform the development of these programs.  

NRRA's comments were provided from the perspective of how to best assist NRRA’s member municipal solid waste facilities, especially smaller, rural ones.  NRRA's comments are available as submitted on the website: 

NRRA will keep members updated about these important grant programs and initiatives.  You can also sign up for updates from EPA on these Bipartisan Infrastructure Law programs.