NRRA Speaks and Exhibits at NH Municipal Association's Virtual Conference

NRRA participated in the NH Municipal Association's virtual conference on "Resilience" from November 18 to 20 with NRRA staff both presenting and staffing a virtual exhibitor booth.  

NRRA Executive Director Reagan Bissonnette and Member Services Manager Bonnie Bethune presented "Recycling in NH: Keeping it Financially Sustainable and Safe."   They were joined by nearly 50 attendees to discuss the economics of the current recycling markets and impacts from COVID-19.  Attendees learned how to make their recycling operations more financially sustainable and discussed concrete steps municipalities can take to continue recycling safely during the pandemic.
Heather Herring, NRRA Education Manager, staffed NRRA's first-ever virtual booth, which was "seen" by 250 of the total 443 conference attendees.  Heather ventured into a new online platform, Whova, which was used for the conference in order to invite groups of attendees virtually for meet-ups throughout the 3 day-conference.  Whova provided exhibitors a competition with points earned in the on-line community.  This competition gave exhibitors an incentive to participate and post work-related articles and videos, comment on sessions, and create community posts.  Heather was recognized with an honorable mention (placing third for highest points) for her active role in the conference and talking to individuals about recycling in their towns!