Keene Volunteers Receive Composting Equipment to Celebrate Earth Week

April 19, 2021

In coordination with Earth Week, NRRA is happy to announce a pilot composting program. Keene, NH volunteer residents, who registered to take a turn at composting, can pick up their Green Cones at the Keene Recycling Center. Volunteers were asked to sign up for either a Green Cone Solar Digester or a Subpod to compost their food scraps as part of the Keene Backyard Compost Pilot Program. The Green Cone is an in-ground digester that breaks down food scraps and doesn't require turning the material to work. A Subpod is an in-ground composting system that uses composting worms to break down food scraps.

These volunteers will help NRRA and the City of Keene collect data on backyard composting and decide which system would work better for local residents. This is a great way to keep “weight out of your waste.” For more information about Municipal Solid Waste and Composting in NH, check out our webinar recordings "Recycling, Solid Waste and Composting in NH – Current Issues & Trends" and "Increasing Waste Diversion - Beyond Recycling."

Keene Recycling Center staff, Joe Martino, is pictured with the Green Cones awaiting their new homes. Happy Earth Week!

To find out more about backyard composting, you can find many resources on NRRA’s website including our videos about setting up Green Cones and using Subpods

Green Cones