Household Hazardous Waste Events 2020 Clean Out!

It certainly was the year for residents to clean out their garages, basements, and cabinets! NRRA coordinated 17 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Events in 2020. Member communities offered them from April to November and nearly 18,000 gallons of HHW was collected from NH residents in total. The photo shows examples of what was collected at a Warner, NH event. Most events occurred on a Saturday morning from 8am - noon but some were held on Sundays.
Notes from 2020 events that were highlighted this year:
  1. More HHW material was collected than normal as residents were thoroughly cleaning out their homes.
  2. Our HHW vendor required residents to stay in their vehicles, so it was important to point this out during pre-event education and provide clear signage at the event.
  3. Town staff made sure that traffic patterns were clear.
  4. Bottled water was requested for vendor staff.
  5. Bathroom facilities were made available for vendor staff.
  6. Proper protective gear was required for all town staff, volunteers and vendor staff.

Here's some feedback from our members after participating in an HHW event with NRRA:

  • "We have been extremely impressed by you and the vendor service this year given COVID-19. Amounts that have already been invoiced for events this year were also reasonable. "
  • “The event was very well attended. The vendor was pleasant to deal with and very professional.”

It is important to properly dispose of HHW because if this material ends up in the landfill or incinerated, it can cause great damage to our water and air. Improperly disposed HHW can cause fires at a transfer station in municipal waste. If you would like to schedule an HHW Event in 2021, please contact NRRA early as dates are already beginning to be scheduled!