Happy 30th Anniversary to Paula Dow, NRRA Finance Manager

Paula Dow
Paula Dow, NRRA Finance Manager

NRRA's Finance Manager, Paula Dow, recently celebrated her 30th Anniversary of working here at NRRA.  Paula has worn many hats in her years here at NRRA.  Even once, acting as NRRA's interim Executive Director.  This organization and our members are extremely fortunate to have Paula among our ranks.  Former NRRA Board Member Susy Mansfield said it best when she said that "Paula is the NRRA's memory, chief organizer, our calm and steady point person."   We dug deep into the NRRA archives to find some pictures of Paula through the years and many past and present NRRA staff members and trustees sent in videos and words of accolades to congratulate and thank Paula for her many, many years of dedicated service to NRRA.  We hope you'll take a moment to check out Paula's 30th Anniversary Presentation that includes the pictures, videos and accolades collected in Paula's honor.  

Paula's 30th Anniversary Slideshow