Free Resources for Solid Waste Operators

July 12, 2020

Did you know that NRRA's new website has a Resource Library full of resources for solid waste operators, most of which are available for free?  The Resource Library contains recorded webinars, videos, and documents that can be filtered by specific resource topics.  For example, solid waste operators in New Hampshire who want to see all NRRA webinars that qualify for continuing education credit can filter the Resource Library by the resource topic "NHDES Solid Waste Operator Continuing Education Credit" and choose from over 15 webinar recordings. 

Here are examples of free webinars recorded in 2020 that qualify for credit:  

Best Management Practices for Recycling Facilities During COVID-19 (April 15, 2020; 1 hr) 

 Is Recycling Still Worthwhile in New Hampshire?  (January 30, 2020; 1 hr)

Let's Talk Trash - Solid Waste Challenges Facing Municipalities  (January 15, 2020; 1 hr) 

Other popular topics in our Resource Library include COVID-19, Food Waste & Composting, Glass Recycling, and Recycling Markets. 

In addition to these free resources, NRRA launched a Summer Webinar Series this year instead of our annual conference, which we had to cancel due to the pandemic.  We still wanted to share many of the workshops that would have been available at the conference with our members, therefore we created the Summer Webinar Series.  We charge members a fee for attending the conference, and charging a modest fee for the Summer Webinar Series allows us to cover NRRA's staff time and expenses, as well as recoup some of the lost revenue we would have received from members and non-members attending our conference.  As the Summer Webinar Series progresses, we will upload recordings on those webinars on our website, which will be available for a fee for a period of time, then eventually be available for free.