Free Contract Negotiation Webinar Recordings Available

Did you miss last month's free two-part contract negotiation webinar led by NRRA staff and hosted by the NH Department of Environmental Services?  The recordings and handouts are available as part of NRRA's new Resource Library, which contains resources for NRRA members and the public, including webinar recordings, videos, and documents on a variety of recycling and waste reduction topics.  The contract negotiation webinar description and links to each webinar are included below. 

Does your municipality have contracts in place for solid waste services, include trash, recycling, and perhaps even composting? Would you like to understand the purpose and benefit of establishing such contracts and learn best practices for negotiating contract terms?

Join Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director, and Bonnie Bethune, Member Services Manager of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association to discuss these topics. Reagan Bissonnette is an attorney with a decade of experience negotiating contracts, and Bonnie Bethune has decades of experience both as a solid waste operator and negotiating solid waste contracts at NRRA. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Tips for managing a Request for Proposal process;
  • Common provisions in contracts for trash, recycling, and composting (including distinctions for single, dual, and source separated recycling);
  • Advice for negotiating fiscally responsible and sustainable contracts that will stand the test of time and inevitable market changes; and
  • Lessons from sample contracts from New Hampshire municipalities.

BMPs for Negotiating Municipal Contracts for Waste, Recycling & Composting Part 1

BMPs for Negotiating Municipal Contracts for Waste, Recycling & Composting Part 2