Food Waste Diversion & Composting Workshop Series

January 9, 2024

Join the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA), the NH Department of Environmental Services, and Mark King of the Maine Compost School for a series of workshops on food waste diversion and composting on April 16th and 17th. 

With support from a USDA Rural Utilities Service grant, NRRA has teamed up to bring a series of workshops focused on food waste diversion this spring.

Even better, this workshop series is FREE! Workshops will address everything from the basics of food waste and food waste diversion to specifics on how to implement a food waste diversion program within your community, including outreach and community education.

WHO this is for: 

We encourage facility or organization decisionmakers to attend these workshops, along with their operators (if the decisionmaker is not an operator) so lessons learned can turn into local action more quickly and easily.

Because of space restraints, attendance is limited to two representatives per organization or facility. Additional registrants will be put on a waitlist and then notified on April 9th whether they will be able to attend or not. 

Each workshop earns at least 2.5 NHDES credit hours. 

WHEN and WHERE it's being held:

The workshops will be held April 16th and 17th. Morning sessions run from 9am to noon, with registration at 8:30am. Afternoon sessions run from 1pm to 4pm, with registration starting at 12:30pm. 

The workshops will be held IN PERSON in the Granite State Conference Room at the Department of Transportation (room 114) at 7 Hazen Drive B15, Concord, NH. 

WHAT the workshops are about:

APRIL 16, 2024:

Workshop 1:  What’s the Big Deal About Food Waste? 

(Morning) This 3-hour workshop is designed for solid waste operators who work at permitted solid waste facilities (transfer stations, landfills, scrap metal, compost, other process or treatment facilities); community members looking to learn about waste diversion; and municipal officials wishing to understand how their waste can affect the bottom line in the townAttendees will leave with a better understanding of the Waste Management Hierarchy and how food waste diversion can be a better option for their community.

Workshop 2:  Composting Basics: Don’t Oversimplify It 

(Afternoon) This 3-hour workshop is designed for solid waste operators who work at permitted solid waste facilities in NHAttending operators may or may not be interested in introducing compost at their facilities, but want to know the basics. Attendees will leave with the knowledge that while composting is completely doable, it does come with some skill, finesse, and understanding of your feedstocks. 

APRIL 17, 2024

Workshop 3:  Implementing Food Waste Diversion Activities at Your Facility 

(Morning) This 3-hour workshop is designed for solid waste facility operators, owners, and managers who work at permitted solid waste facilities in NH. This workshop includes both instruction and an expert panel. Attending operators are interested in introducing food waste diversion at their facilities and need to know beyond the basics. Attendees will leave with the knowledge of how to site a compost pile at their facility or bring a food waste diversion program to their community.

Workshop 4:  Education, Outreach, and Grabbing the Public’s Attention*

(Afternoon) This 3-hour work session is for solid waste facility operators, owners, and managers who work at permitted solid waste facilities in NH AND their community partners, leaders, and decisionmakers who are interested in introducing a composting program to their community (come in pairs!) Attendees will leave with the knowledge of how to set up an effective outreach program promoting food waste diversion

*PREREQUISITE: ATTENDANCE OF WORKSHOP 3 REQUIRED for Workshop 4. If an operator is joined by their community partner, at least one person in the pair must have attended Workshop 3. In extremely limited cases, an attendee may request a prerequisite waiver by emailing

HOW to register:

Because of the space limits, it is important to first speak with your Facility Manager, DPW Director, or other decisionmaker within your organization to determine which two individuals would be the best fit for these workshops. 

Once you're determined who would be the best fit, each individual should complete a separate registration.



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