Blue Skies at Henniker, NH MOM Meeting

October 20, 2021

It was blue skies over the Henniker, NH’s Recycling Center and Transfer Station for the October 13th Member Operations Marketing (MOM) meeting. Participants were eager to hear Senior Member Services Representative, Bonnie Bethune, review the recycling markets and feedback from NRRA vendors. Heather Herring, Member Services Representative, encapsulated a recent Trash On the Lawn Day in Bow, NH and offered to connect other municipal towns with this hands-on school program.

The blue sky and fall leaves were an idyllic background for a tour of Henniker’s facility led by Marc Boisvert, Facility Manager, and Deb Dimond, Facility Operator. Members met next to the four vertical balers that Henniker uses to bale cardboard, mixed paper, #1 PET and #2 HDPE plastics. They picked up some tricks of the trade on signage and upkeep of the facility, then talked about Henniker’s glass crusher and possible uses of the product. Bird houses decorated corners of the facility, and residents enjoy how the birds keep the insect population down on site. Members took note of traffic flow ideas and ways to educate the public. NRRA staff made suggestions on ways that Henniker could increase revenue by starting a new program. Thank you, Henniker, for all that you do to keep residents happy to recycle!