Ben Hoy Joins NH Solid Waste Working Group to Represent Rural Source Separated Communities

November 18, 2022

We are excited to announce that Ben Hoy - Manager of the Walpole Recycling Center, Director of the Alstead-Langson Transfer Station, and NRRA Board Member - has joined the New Hampshire Solid Waste Working Group (SWWG). Ben was nominated by the NH Municipal Association as the representative for rural communities that source separate recycling.

The Solid Waste Working Group's responsibilities include reviewing and making changes to the state's solid waste reduction, recycling, and management policies, programs, goals, and initiatives. This includes the latest NH Solid Waste Management Plan, which was released earlier this fall. The SWWG will be issuing its initial report at the end of November. 

Ben replaces Brian Patnoe who recently stepped down as the Transfer Station Manager of Lancaster - and represented rural source separated communities on the SWWG - to join NRRA as the Member Services Manager. 

NRRA is proud to have another Municipal Member representative sharing their deep on-the-ground experience and recycling and solid waste expertise at the state level!