Announcing the Release of NRRA's 2022 Annual Report

August 8, 2023

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) is pleased to announce the release of our 2022 Annual Report

When executive director, Reagan Bissonnette, joined this organization in June 2019, little did she know that it would be three years before we would hold our conference in person once again, so it's no surprise that gathering together in person in 2022 had the feeling of a reunion among friends. The conference theme, “What’s Next: Rethinking Resource Recovery” emphasized the need for us to rethink the future of solid waste and waste reduction and reset following the pandemic and China’s National Sword policy.

While 2022 may have been a time when many felt discouraged by local or global events and politics, we are proud to say that whether you care about the environment, whether you care about taxpayer money, or whether you care about both, 2022 was still a great time to be a member of NRRA and a great time to recycle!

Our interactive report includes hyperlinks to key aspects of the 2022 fiscal year and shares the value of both recycling and your NRRA membership. You'll find a couple pages outlining the great work the NRRA Board and Staff were able to accomplish in 2022, as well as the impact your recycling efforts had economically and on the environment. Enjoy!

View our 2022 Annual Report