5, 10, 15, 20 Year NRRA Anniversaries - All in 2023!

December 20, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to celebrate four NRRAnniversaries - staff members who have worked at NRRA for the past 5, 10, 15, and 20 years! 

We asked Bonnie (20 years), Marilyn (15 years), Stacey (10 years), and Liz (5 years) to share the most exciting moment they've experience at NRRA, how they describe their work to friends, and why their work at NRRA matters to them. Let's hear what they had to say!

Bonnie & Marilyn

Bonnie Bethune and Marilyn Weir at the NRRA Annual Recycling Conference and Expo.

Senior Member Services Representative, Bonnie Bethune, has been with NRRA for 20 years and Finance Specialist, Marilyn Weir, has been with NRRA for 15 years. For much of that time Marilyn was a Member Services Representative, then retired for a time prior to rejoining NRRA part time in the finance department. 

What's the most exciting moment you've experienced at NRRA over the past 15 to 20 years? 

Bonnie: The ah-ha moments when members get what NRRA does and the expansive way that NRRA can help with the collaboration between NRRA - Members - Vendors. Case in point is when a Public Works Director told his new operator to call NRRA first with any questions.

Marilyn: I don’t recall a moment per say, however I will share my 1st week working at NRRA was nothing short of memorable. The week included a road trip to an NRRA vendor, a company outing, and I got a raise!  What a terrific week working with great co-workers. Over the 15+ years I have worked at NRRA I have met many great people I am glad to call my friends.

When you describe your work to others, how do you describe it? 

Marilyn: We assist towns and municipalities in setting up their recycling programs and help them manage their solid waste. We provide marketing services for their recyclables.

Bonnie: Solid waste management is a difficult concept for folks to grasp, so typically I say I work in recycling. Then I ask them “Where are you from?” giving me a point of reference to share as in “NRRA helps your town ship their cardboard to market for the best price.” Discussion typically ensues from there about a subject they can see I have passion about.

Why does this work matter to you? 

Bonnie: I have worked in one way or another with NRRA since its inception. Environmentally and societally NRRA is promoting stewardship, protection of resources and inserting the human element into it all. As a former operator, I have a special place in my heart for operators and their daily successes and challenges that make a difference. If I can help with those successes and challenges, I have done a very good day's work.

Marilyn: It’s simply the right thing to do!


Sam Foresta and Stacey Morrison
at the NRRA Annual Meeting.

Administrative & Logistics Manager, Stacey Morrison, has been with NRRA for 10 years and has the best hiring story we've ever heard!

What is the most exciting moment you’ve experienced at NRRA? 

This is a tough one because for me, it wasn’t so much “a moment,” but rather several events. I think the most exciting moment came when Paula assumed the position of Finance Manager and I was asked (or more accurately, simply appointed) to become the new Administrative Manager.  It certainly was something that never even entered my mind when I took the administrative assistant position here in 2013. Shortly after that I planned and orchestrated my first NRRA Conference (with significant direction from Paula) and for me, the success of that event was a very big deal! 

When you describe your work to others, how do you describe it?  

I find that most people are super surprised to learn that there is an economic value to recycling. Though “tree hugging” and sustainability are excellent motivating factors for recycling, the reality is that more people are intrigued when you explain the savings involved by diverting waste from a landfill (where it costs a lot of money to dispose of the waste) and sending it, instead, to an NRRA Vendor who, in many cases, will pay a town for that material.     

Why does this work matter to you?  

I enjoy working for an organization that is truly working to make the Earth a better place and that places a strong value on not only their membership but also their staff. 


Liz Duncan and her husband, Mo,
at the NRRA Annual Recycling
Conference and Expo.

Finance Coordinator, Liz Duncan, has been with NRRA for 5 years and often tackles some of NRRA's trickiest billing questions!

What is the most exciting moment you’ve experienced at NRRA?

This question is really hard to answer, as I am not directly involved with Members or Vendors unless there is something wrong.  And believe me that is not exciting.   

When you describe your work to others, how do you describe it?

I tell people I work in the finance department of a non-profit that helps towns and cities sell their recyclables and helps educate their citizens.  

Why does this work matter to you? 

I can't throw anything away.  I always look to repurpose something before considering trashing it. I will pull apart an old sweater and reuse the yarn. I just took our old water heater and plan to make it into a raised bed. (This is the second time I am doing this).  This organization allows me to be a part of the effort to help teach others that not everything needs to be thrown away.  

These anniversaries are a testament to the Northeast Resource Recovery Association and the relationships our staff members develop with one another, with our vendors, and most especially, with our members.

Thank you Bonnie, Marilyn, Stacey, and Liz for all your hard work and dedication to recycling and solid waste diversion!