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by Hadley Barndollar, New Hampshire Bulletin

Coos County’s Mount Carberry Landfill took in more than 162 million pounds of construction and demolition debris in 2021. That, according to the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, means the disposal of wood, metal, sheet rock, shingles, asphalt, brick, and concrete was more than twice the amount of food waste landfilled there that same year.

Construction and demolition debris is often an overlooked contributor to landfill waste, said Reagan Bissonnette, executive director at the NRRA, and in the North Country, it’s an environmental justice issue.

This year, using a federal Healthy Communities Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, NRRA worked with local officials, transfer station operators, and solid waste management stakeholders in 21 towns through a series of roundtables, site visits, pilot programs, and audits. The award of a second grant will expand construction and demolition...Read more


Welcome to the 42nd NRRA Annual Meeting!

All NRRA Members are cordially invited to join the trustees and staff of NRRA for the Annual Meeting and Luncheon on Wednesday, November 1st from 9am - 1pm at the Puritan Backroom Restaurant. (There will be an NRRA Board and Staff meeting immediately following from 1-2pm.)

There will be plenty of time for networking this year over morning refreshments and lunch. We will then have the opportunity to hear from the Voices of Experience panel as they reflect on the field of recycling and solid waste management - where it's been, where it's going, and most importantly, answering YOUR questions. We are also excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our members and vendors over the past year with our awards presentation. Finally, members will vote on renewing members for NRRA's Board of Trustees.

The NRRA is your organization,...Read more

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association is pleased to announce that we have been selected for the EPA Region 1 New England Healthy Communities grant for 2023-2024. The North Country C&D Diversion 2.0 project will build on the success of NRRA’s recent EPA grant Increasing C&D Diversion in Coös County, NH , while expanding technical assistance to ten additional communities north of the notches in New Hampshire.

The goal of the project is to enable communities to increase C&D and bulky waste diversion through reuse and recycling instead of landfilling. We anticipate short-term outcomes to include: (1) an increase by weight of C&D being diverted; (2) a reduction in pounds of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; (3) a reduction of C&D management costs; and (4) improved access to information and tools to increase C&D diversion.

Over the year-long course of the project, NRRA will: Convene three...Read more

The 2023 legislative session is complete. Here is a list of the House and Senate bills related to solid waste management and recycling in New Hampshire, as well as the outcome of the bills by the end of the session.

For updates on the current legislative session, please refer to our Policy and Legislation Page.

2023 Legislation 2023 House and Senate Bills SB159 : Relative to permits for the siting of new landfills. Sponsors: (Prime) Senator Donovan Fenton Passed House and Senate, Signed by Governor on 6/20/2023 SB211 : Relative to background investigations of solid waste and hazardous waste facility permit applicants. Sponsors: (Prime) Senator Howard Pearl Passed House and Senate, Signed by Governor on 6/20/2023 HB 253 : Establishing a committee to study extended producer responsibility. Sponsors: (Prime)Representative Lucius Parshall Passed both...Read more
Over the past year, NRRA has been working on an EPA Healthy Communities grant focused on increasing construction and demolition (C&D) diversion in Coös County, NH. During that time, we have held 3 C&D Summit Roundtables in Lancaster, NH; provided technical assistance to 3 case study communities ; helped to set up a successful C&D diversion pilot program in Lancaster, NH; and have visited 14 Coös County facilities with an eye to C&D management.

By visiting individual transfer stations, NRRA is able to pull together different C&D challenges and opportunities that are unique to Coös County.

There are no local C&D recycling facilities in Coös County. The closest C&D recycling facilities are in southern New Hampshire and western Vermont, which is prohibitively far from Coös County. Because of this, C&D debris is primarily landfilled, with some facilities separating wood to be chipped and used as...Read more

On September 8, NRRA executive director, Reagan Bissonnette, had the opportunity to speak at the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) Annual Meeting at the Derryfield Restaurant in Manchester, NH. The theme of the night was Sustainability ; Reagan was invited as one of four speakers on the topic. Reagan began by talking about recycling and solid waste management in New Hampshire, highlighting tools for communities to strengthen their recycling programs, including grant opportunities and resources to educate residents about the economic and environmental value of recycling and waste reduction. Twelve of the fourteen towns that are members of SNHPC are also members of NRRA, including Weare and Hooksett. To demonstrate that recycling really works, Reagan shared the environmental impact reports for Weare and Hooksett. She then explained where each of their commodities went, whether to a company in New Hampshire, New...Read more
Thank you for your interest - the 2023 Bus Tour is currently full and registration is closed. We are excited to announce the schedule for this year's annual Fall Bus Tour happening Wednesday, October 18 from 7:45am to 4:00pm. This year, we will be hopping on a luxury tour bus and visiting 3 locations: the Waste Management Turnkey Landfill; the electronics recycler, Universal Recycling Technologies (URT); and the Lee, NH Transfer Station. At each location, participants will get to tour the facility or location, ask questions, and connect with fellow operators.

This is a great opportunity to see where some towns' municipal solid waste (MSW) ends up and how a landfill is run. For those who came to the NRRA Annual Recycling Conference, you may have attended the popular workshop run by URT, so this is a great chance to see electronics recycling in action! And finally, touring a...Read more


Have you ever wondered about the process to plan and update a transfer station? Well, NRRA municipal member town, Swanzey, NH, has been documenting their Recycling Center building project construction on their town website and Facebook page, as well as physical postings at the facility. Their consistent updates help to increase resident education and maintain public support by inviting residents to learn more about the improvements, including the planning, process photos, and how the updated Center will provide environmental and economically sound benefits to the entire town.

The planning process took several years - starting prior to the COVID pandemic - and involved all stakeholders, including several conversations with NRRA's Member Services. The completed Recycling Center update will include 3 lanes for traffic - a "trailer lane" for elderly or disabled residents, or residents with a large amount of recyclables or non-sorted recyclables; a "fast...Read more

Executive Director, Reagan Bissonnette, and Member Services Manager, Brian Patnoe, had a great trip to the Resource Recycling Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was a whirlwind trip, as they were in Orlando for less than 48 hours, but they really made the most of their time! Connecting in person with people and learning from them was the most valuable part of the conference, followed by the formal educational workshops. Being able to connect with industry colleagues while learning about big-picture challenges and solutions in the field of recycling and solid waste diversion allows our organization to better inform our members. It's also important that we are able to share the realities of recycling in small, rural communities such as those found in New Hampshire. There were very few attendees from the northeast, so Reagan and Brian made a point to connect with Jen Heaton-Jones and Rick Watson from CT and...Read more
The August meeting of the Solid Waste Working Group (SWWG) was a full one touching on NHDES grants, composting food waste, the challenges to consistent and safe disposal of lithium-ion batteries, the Solid Waste Management Plan, and extended producer responsibility. The NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) will be issuing grants for food waste and other waste reduction in the coming year. NHDES has a goal to solicit grant applications after establishing the rules for the program in the summer of 2024. These grants will be available to municipalities, businesses, and nonprofits for education and infrastructure. With the change to composting regulations in April of 2022 , more municipalities are looking to compost food waste. NRRA will be working to create a "template" model for how municipalities can compost food waste on site. In addition, the group discussed the importance of getting businesses...Read more