Games & Activities

Recycling Games & Activities for All Ages

Here are some links we found to connect you to fun environmental and recycling games:

  • EPA Planet Protectors - Sharpen your sleuthing skills by solving these environmental mysteries. (6-12)
  • EPA Recycle City - Answer three questions at each location to earn points. (6-12)
  • NASA Recycle This - Use your mouse to guide recyclables into the proper bin before you run out of energy. (6-12)
  • National Geographic Kids - Take the "Kids Vs. Plastic" pledge and learn 10 ways to reduce plastics. (K-12)
  • Nico's Quest to Recycle - Learn about the 3 R's with Nico's games and activities. (K-8)
  • Recycle Roundup - Help Gus the Gorilla clean up the park by guiding him to the proper bins. (K-8)
  • Super Sorter - Sort the conveyor belt items at the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) to help recyclables become something new and valuable. (6-12)
  • Turtle Diary - Sort compost, recycling and trash into the proper bins. (K-6)


Activity Books

Here are some activity books we've found in our travels:

  • EPA Coloring & Activity Book - Learn how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects the environment through games and activities. (K-8)
  • Lorax Activity Book - Help the Lorax save energy and water and protect the planet through activities and rhymes. (6-8)
  • Lorax Coloring Book - The Lorax won't rest until you've colored all of his pages. (K-8)
  • NOAA Marine Debris Activity Book - Learn about marine debris through these games and activities. (6-12)
  • UVLSRPC Clean Green Home - Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission shows us how to green clean our homes using safer alternatives. Color as you learn! (6-12)
  • UVLSRPC Toxic Showdown - UVLSRPC illustrates what is toxic in the home using warning words that can be found on personal care products. (6-12)

Special Programs

Transfer Station Operator Presentation Outline - We are delighted to offer presentation materials to transfer station operators who are hosting tours for school groups. The presentation outline offers suggestions for questions to ask, what is done at the transfer station, the importance of recycling and even some trivia questions. The printable PDF Presentation can be used with any of the above activity books for a memorable school field trip!