Games & Activities

Recycling Games & Activities for All Ages

Here are some links we found to connect you to fun environmental and recycling games:

  • EPA Planet Protectors - Sharpen your sleuthing skills by solving these environmental mysteries. (6-12)
  • EPA Recycle City - Answer three questions at each location to earn points. (6-12)
  • NASA Recycle This - Use your mouse to guide recyclables into the proper bin before you run out of energy. (6-12)
  • National Geographic Kids - Take the "Kids Vs. Plastic" pledge and learn 10 ways to reduce plastics. (K-12)
  • Nico's Quest to Recycle - Learn about the 3 R's with Nico's games and activities. (K-8)
  • Recycle Roundup - Help Gus the Gorilla clean up the park by guiding him to the proper bins. (K-8)
  • Super Sorter - Sort the conveyor belt items at the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) to help recyclables become something new and valuable. (6-12)
  • Turtle Diary - Sort compost, recycling and trash into the proper bins. (K-6)


 Here are some activity books we've found in our travels:

  • EPA Coloring & Activity Book - Learn how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects the environment through games and activities. (K-8)
  • Lorax Activity Book - Help the Lorax save energy and water and protect the planet through activities and rhymes. (6-8)
  • Lorax Coloring Book - The Lorax won't rest until you've colored all of his pages. (K-8)
  • NOAA Marine Debris Activity Book - Learn about marine debris through these games and activities. (6-12)
  • UVLSRPC Clean Green Home - Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission shows us how to green clean our homes using safer alternatives. Color as you learn! (6-12)
  • UVLSRPC Toxic Showdown - UVLSRPC illustrates what is toxic in the home using warning words that can be found on personal care products. (6-12)