Social Campaign Launched to Celebrate National Recycling Week 2021

NRRA is sharing recycling tips, surprising recycling facts, and a host of recycling wins all week long in a National Recycling Week social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram. We are asking our members to follow, share, and interact with our posts to encourage your residents to recycle right every day.
We understand that education is an important component of running a successful recycling program, but it can be time consuming to research and create posts, so we have designed this campaign to be widely applicable. With tangible economic and environmental impacts, there is something for everyone in this campaign.
You can share posts directly from our Facebook page, add posts to your Instagram story, or you can save the images below and include them in your newsletter.
When sharing on social media, please be sure to tag @NRRArecycles or use hashtag #NRRArecycles so we can help celebrate and amplify your work!

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