Member of the Month: A Bird's-eye View of the New Salisbury/Sharon, CT Transfer Station

October 19, 2020

Brian Bartram, NRRA board member from Salisbury, CT, was excited to share a new panoramic video with us of their new Transfer Station for Salisbury and Sharon. It was 25 years from an idea to the ribbon cutting ceremony this past week. It is one of the oldest transfer stations in Connecticut and we are happy they are ready to open.

Salisbury, CT,  population 3,741, has been an NRRA member for over twenty years and uses NRRA to move their tires, propane, and batteries most recently.  Salisbury, CT Transfer Station

Congrats to Salisbury for making it happen and best to them with their new facility!

Here is a one minute video the engineering firm had filmed in August.