Transfer Stations

Textile Recycling

Textile Recycling

Recycling clothing can be a challenge for communities. However, if you are currently not recycling textiles, please consider offering this important recycling opportunity for your residents. Collect clean & dry clothing, belts and shoes. Items must be bagged and not picked over.

Note: If your facility has a swap shop, do not collect clothing, belts and shoes in the swap shop but encourage residents to place in a designated and secure clothing bin.

Rolloff/Compactor/Trailer Companies

Looking for used storage containers or trailers?  Contact NRRA's member services team for information about NRRA's cooperative purchasing program for used storage containers and trailers. 

Looking to buy new roll-offs, compactors or transfer trailers?  See a list of companies below who offer these services. 

Resident Disposal Sticker Sources

Resident Disposal Sticker Sources

Check out these resources below for ordering disposal stickers for transfer station use.


Recycling Bin Vendors

If your organization is looking to order recycling bins, check out some of the resources provided below.


Plastic Bag Sources (Pay As You Throw)

Plastic Bag Sources

For Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT)

To compare a selection of New Hampshire towns that have a PAYT program, see our Pay As You Throw information sheet.


Mattress Recycling and Disposal

Local Option: Dismantle mattresses & box springs on site.

Dispose of wood in construction debris, metal in scrap metal and material in solid waste.


Equipment Maintenance Vendors

Equipment Maintenance Vendors




Disposal Fees - NH Municipal Transfer Stations


Compiled by NRRA for Comparative Purposes Only

*Most Communities List their Fees on their Websites*

Updated 8-28-20

Transfer Station Operator Classroom Presentation Outline

This document is a presentation outline for Transfer Station Operators to use when hosting a school group tour.

Baling Plastics Without Cardboard Headers

Join NRRA's member, Josh Whipple, Manager of the Swanzey Recycling Center, as he demonstrates baling plastic recycling without cardboard headers during a Members Operations Marketing meeting. Some plastic vendors no longer accept cardboard headers on plastic bales. The automated debaling process is not able to handle cutting off the cardboard for safety reasons, and it slows down the processing of the plastic when it comes off the truck.