Teaching Toxics - Creating Solutions to Household Pollution

Friday, September 30, 2016

Teaching Toxics: Creating Solutions to Household Pollution provides teachers with a relevant curriculum complete with a wide range of lessons and activities that offer students concepts, knowledge, and understanding of environmental problems and possible solutions. The activities within the curriculum present a variety of real life tasks and hands-on experiences for students to experience and understand, all related to the main concepts, which are: What is household hazardous waste? What are the routes of household hazardous waste? How do we solve the problems of hazardous products? Teachers are presented with opportunities and flexible activities in which to engage their students. Depending on student needs, abilities and learning styles the teachers can determine which knowledge, skills and literate competencies their students need and the options to help them go about learning. The curriculum fosters the expansion of students’ knowledge and understanding through their own examination and exploration of current environmental issues.