Food Waste Diversion

In this webinar, hosted by The NH Food Alliance, NRRA discusses the current status of composting organics in N.H. with Sarah McGraw and Jenny Humpshries of Mr. Fox Composting. Mr. Fox Composting has been providing residential, commercial, and even events, organics hauling services for over a decade.  McGraw and Humpshries shared how Mr. Fox's business model continues to help more Maine and New Hampshire communities divert organics from the landfill. Reagan Bissonnette of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, provided an overview of the laws and regulations related to composting in New Hampshire (including pathways for composting meat and dairy), and discussed possible policy changes that could support more food waste reduction.  NRRA highlighted their USDA funded program, Yes in My Back Yard!  that encourages organics diversion at targeted  mid-size New England businesses (i.e. wineries, breweries, cheesemakers), schools and municipal transfer stations.