NHDES Credit

NRRA has prepared the following curated list of webinar and video recordings that qualify for New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services solid waste operator continuing education credit. 

Please note, NRRA can only offer NHDES Credit Certificates for those presentations, workshops, meetings and events hosted by NRRA.  Credit amount is based on the actual time of the training portion of the event.  Lunch breaks, travel time, etc. do not count.   In some cases you may be asked to fill out a brief survey following your viewing of the training material.  In these instances, the credit will be issued upon completion of the survey.   In other instances,  the NHDES Solid Waste Operator Training Coordinator may ask the operator to explain how it pertains to his or her job at the solid waste facility in which they work or to explain how it meets the definition in the rules.  Finally, once you've received credit for a workshop, webinar or training, etc., it cannot be used again for another credit certificate.