Press Release: NRRA Recycling Club Earns Gold

Concord, NH – NRRA’s School Recycling Club is very proud to have been awarded a second NH Partners in Education Gold Circle Award for their work with Hampstead Central School. Held at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH, the presentation breakfast on November 1st recognized awardees from across the state for their partnerships with schools striving to provide the best educational experiences to their students. The event was attended by NRRA Executive Director Reagan Bissonnette, NRRA Education Manager Heather Herring and NRRA Programs Coordinator Gwen Erley.

Thanks to funding assistance from NH the Beautiful and the Hampstead Recycling Committee, NRRA’s School Recycling Club has been able to present their Garbage Guerrillas workshop to the 3rd graders of Hampstead Central every year for the last five years, at no cost to the school. This workshop teaches students the basics of recycling and how to fight the war on waste by recognizing the value of their paper, plastics and food scraps.

NHPIE’s Gold Circle Award celebrates the valuable partnerships that schools and volunteer programs have with local businesses. By receiving volunteer and other resource support from organizations in their community, schools are able to balance resources to provide their students with the best educational experience possible.