NRRA Member of the Month

The Wellesley, MA Recycling Disposal Facility is a featured member of NRRA because they do a great job of communicating with their near-28,000 residents! They have worked with NRRA for the past five years with programs including glass and electronics, but we wanted to share their informative Recycling Poster below. It clearly shows the flow of residents through the facility, outlines with colorful tags what materials can be recycled, reused, composted, or for special/hazardous collections. They have also kept the residents up to date with COVID policies, and are phasing back in some programs like opening the facility on Sundays and resuming the bookshelf program. Jamie Manzolini, RDF Superintendent, took over the facility's operations last year but has worked for the Department of Public Works since 2013. Jamie currently serves on NRRA's Board of Trustees. He says that they have been source separating for over 30 years and look to produce the cleanest baled product possible that is of value in the market. They hope to begin removing mattress and box springs from MSW with the MA mattress recycling program this year.

wellesley ma Recycling Poster