Help Wanted: Used Oil Program Manager - Waste Management Specialist IV, State of New Hampshire DES, Concord, NH

December 21, 2021


Close Date: 01/14/2022


Position: #42728

State of New Hampshire
Department of Environmental Services
Waste Management Division/Solid Waste Management Bureau
29 Hazen Drive, Concord NH 03301

USD $53,800.500-76,011.00


Supervises the development and implementation of the used oil program within the Hazardous Waste Management Bureau, Waste Management Division.  The used oil program manages the statewide collection and use of used oil, develops rules, inspects used oil facilities, issues appropriate enforcement actions, coordinates a grants program, and provides technical assistance and outreach to the regulated community and department staff.


Supervises the development and implementation of the used oil program, drafts and evaluates changes to statutes and rules to implement the program, develops the program work plan commitments and assists agency administrators in developing strategies for short and long term program improvement.

Inspects used oil marketers, burners and re-refining facilities and investigates hazardous waste complaints through surveillance, interviews, sampling and evidence collection; inspections and complaint investigations often involve work in hazardous environments with possible exposure to unknown chemicals and other dangers while wearing personal protective equipment in order to ensure compliance with hazardous waste laws and rules.

Prepares inspection reports, letters and enforcement actions summarizing observations and violations in order to pursue administrative, civil and criminal penalties involving the mismanagement of used oil and other hazardous wastes.  Continuously evaluates the inspection and enforcement process to determine the best use of resources and makes recommendations for change as needed.

Develops, reviews, and evaluates regulatory interpretation and policy positions, which require extensive research due to the complexity of the federal / state regulations and the need to maintain consistent and well documented decisions for enforcement purposes.  Maintains and archives these regulatory interpretation and policy position documents for use by Department staff, attorneys and members of the regulated community. 

Supervises the development and implementation of used oil training seminars necessary to provide stakeholders with the proper compliance and grant information to ensure legislative mandates and program goals are met.  Reviews and approves used oil outreach materials designed to educate and inform stakeholders in the proper techniques of collection, safe waste management, and disposal of used oil.

Communicates technical information and provides technical assistance to federal, state and local agencies, the regulated community, trade / business associations, and the public to ensure that these groups are adequately and accurately informed of the program’s requirements in order to achieve compliance with environmental regulations in a cost effective manner.

Coordinates the implementation of the used oil grants program that provides funds to political subdivisions, non-profit organizations and private entities for the establishment, improvement, or operation of used oil collection centers.  Reviews and evaluates the grant program activities and its grant recipients to ensure program goals are met and makes recommendations for program improvements as needed.

Supervises other staff in the performance of similar duties, reviews written and physical performance of others and trains new program personnel to ensure that work is accurate, appropriate and consistent with Division policies and program goals.

Participates in administrative hearings relative to administrative orders and enforcement actions initiated by the state.  Testifies in court as an expert witness in lawsuits brought by the state against individuals, companies and industries in violation of hazardous waste and environmental laws and regulations.

Continually seeks to improve practices to add quality and value in support of the Department’s mission while identifying and eliminating unnecessary or redundant activities.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education:  Bachelor's degree from a recognized college or university with major study in chemistry, environmental health, biological sciences, hydrology, or other related environmental science.  Each additional year of approved formal education may be substituted for one year of required work experience.

Experience:  Six years’ experience in hazardous waste management, environmental monitoring or testing, hazardous material handling, occupational safety and health or related field OR six years’ experience in solid waste management, hydrogeology, waste treatment systems or other related scientific fields.

License/Certification:  Eligibility for driver's license and/or access to transportation for statewide travel.  

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must be able to pass a base line medical examination indicating the individual is physically capable of assuming all duties required including wearing respiratory protective equipment in accordance with the recommendations of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

DISCLAIMER STATEMENT:  The supplemental job description lists typical examples of work and is not intended to include every job duty and responsibility specific to a position.  An employee may be required to perform other related duties not listed on the supplemental job description provided that such duties are characteristic of that classification.

Criminal background and driving record review required.

For further information please contact Tod Leedberg, Administrator at or at 603-271-2946. Use apply button or submit a fully completed state application and accompanying documents by the closing date to NHDES PO Box 95 Concord NH 03302-0095 Attn. Human Resources.

You may also contact Raymond Wilson, HR Coordinator at  603-271-1496 or at .