Member Programs & Services

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Cooperative Marketing

 NRRA's municipal members produce large volumes of high-quality material.  We work with reputable vendors and provide our members with expanded market options and consistent pricing.  NRRA provides a monthly pricing guide for voting municipal members only.  

Cooperative Purchasing

By taking advantage of bulk buying power, NRRA offers its municipal members discounted pricing to purchase items such as baling wire, gripples and more.

Educational Programs

NRRA's educational programs train and educate recycling coordinators, facility attendants and volunteers.  We also offer an array of educational programming targeted towards schools and teachers in your school district.

Technical Assistance

NRRA provides a high level of technical assistance to its municipal membership through its Members Services team.  NRRA acts as a bridge between a community that is experiencing a problem and a community that has encountered and solved that same problem. 

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