Educational Programs

NRRA offers many educational opportunities and resources for its members, including: 

In addition, NRRA has programming and resources for educators, students, and communities through our School Recycling Club



ACT 148 and the Vermont Materials Management Plan (MMP) have created policy, planning, and outreach requirements for all of Vermont’s waste districts, alliances, independent towns and all other Solid Waste Management Entities (SWMEs). By developing a Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP), your community can maintain compliance with these new requirements.

NRRA and NRRA’s School Recycling Club, have tremendous experience working in Vermont, including:

  • Extensive experience providing educational programming, outreach, technical assistance and collection program design for schools across New England.
  • Expertise in designing and implementing special event materials management plans and special event marketing.
  • Logistics experience managing hundreds of thousands of tons of material from collection to hauling to recycling, composting and disposal.
  • A reputation for excellence in working collaboratively with ANR, SWMEs, and haulers on program design, compliance and reporting.

Contact NRRA today for a free, confidential consultation about your SWIP (Solid Waste Implementation Plan) design and educational outreach efforts.