Annual Compost Bin Sale

Compost Bin Sale Orders are CLOSED for 2022. 

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NRRA's 2022 Annual Compost Bin Sale

NRRA is pleased to offer its annual compost bin sale! You can offer these items for sale to your community at purchase cost, or you can use this as a fundraising opportunity!

TurnerRain Barrel


Compost Bin

Why Participate in NRRA's Compost Bin Sale? 

Food scraps are heavy, and therefore expensive to dispose of as municipal solid waste (MSW). Nationwide, food scraps comprise 24% by weight of the MSW going into our landfills and incinerators, which makes food scraps the largest single MSW material by weight that we landfill as a country (based on the Environmental Protection Agency's most recent data from 2018).

Fundraising Opportunity - You can offer these items for sale to your residents or other folks at purchase cost, OR you can use this as a fundraising opportunity. Educate your community about the monetary, economic and environmental benefits of composting! NRRA can assist groups with providing promotional posters and order form templates upon request. 



April 22, 2022EXTENDED Deadline to submit order. Orders MUST be made in FULL PALLETS


May 13 – 21, 2022 – Approximate delivery date (shipped directly to your location)

Payment – We will invoice you upon delivery of your order - Payment is NOT due upon order submission.

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Here's how it works: Municipalities and groups are encouraged to sign up to purchase these composting products, which must be ordered in bulk, in full pallets. The goal for the participating group is to sell the products to your community, which can be at cost or advertised as a fundraiser. We have simplified the process for this year: There will be no "intent to participate" form.

Start advertising your sale now to collect orders from members in the community.  FINAL orders are now due by 4:00PM on April 22, 2022. We encourage you to create your own posters and order forms to make is easy for your community members to request items from you. Advertise on your town website, post flyers at local businesses (are there any garden centers in your area you could ask?) If you need assistance with promotional materials, please contact

Once all final orders get placed, items will be direct-shipped to the shipping address you provide. Once delivered, items can get distributed to residents and community members!



Need just one or a few composting products? NRRA has these items available for individual sale on site in Epsom, NH to make composting at home a breeze!