NRRA's "Clean" Glass Recycling Program

Glass Jars & Bottles Only


Francois Ierfino of 2MRessources and NRRA Executive Director,
Reagan Bissonnette at  2MR Facility in Quebec.

In response to the challenges NRRA’s members are facing with glass, NRRA offers two practical and low-cost options for our members to recycle or reuse glass and keep this valuable and heavy material out of the waste stream. Over 100 communities in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts are currently participating in these programs.

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) offers its members the option to recycle clean glass bottles and jars through its clean glass program.  NRRA members can deliver glass jars and bottles only (no glass-like contaminants are allowed, such as ceramics, porcelain, leaded glass or Pyrex) to one of several host sites in New Hampshire and Vermont.  Then the glass is transported to a Canadian company where the glass is crushed, cleaned, sorted, then delivered to companies in the United States to be made into fiberglass insulation or new glass bottles and jars.   

This program helps members save money while recycling or reusing this valuable resource. For example,  In 2019, Strafford, VT changed from paying $121 per ton for comingled containers to paying $35 per ton to take their separated glass to NRRA’s Lebanon, NH host site for later recycling into fiberglass insulation by 2M Ressources.


  •  Contact NRRA at (603) 736-4401 or email to sign up for this program. ign our Host Site or Customer Glass Agreement form.

  •  Choose how the glass will be stored at the facility (i.e., on the ground, in a simple bunker, on a concrete pad or in a container). If on the ground, be extremely careful not to include rocks or gravel in with glass when loading.

  •  Arrange for transportation - Need assistance in arranging trucking? Contact NRRA. Below please find transportation options used by member communities participating in this program:
    • Roll Off Container (30 or 40 Yard Container) - average weight is 12 tons
    • Dump Body Trailer (70 Yard Trailer) - average weight is 32 tons
    • Local Highway Department Dump Trucks - 10 wheeler - average weight 10 tons

  •  Contact NRRA to coordinate delivery of the glass to a Clean Glass Host site. Each location has specific delivery hours. Please contact NRRA to make arrangements for delivery.
Acceptable Materials: 
  • ANY clear/colored glass beverage container (caps, labels & metal rings acceptable)
  • ANY clear/colored glass food container (caps, lids & labels acceptable)

Unacceptable Materials : 
♦  Headlights♦  Asphalt♦  Leaded Glass
♦  Thermometers♦  Excessive Rocks or Dirt♦  Windowpanes
♦  Incandescent or Fluorescent Light      Bulbs♦  Wood♦  Ceramics (coffee mugs,           plates, etc.)
♦  Plastics♦  Aluminum/Tin♦  Porcelain (sinks, toilets, etc.)
♦  Automotive/Windshield Glass♦  Plexiglas 
♦  Pyrex♦  Mirrors 
♦  Drinking Glasses♦  Trash